Corfu,Greece * 14/10/23 - 15/10/23


CrossFit Corfu, the island's only official CrossFit affiliate, invites you to the 4th edition of its season-closing competition on the AMAZING ISLAND of CORFU.



The CFCFU Games is a two-day CrossFit competition first held in 2020. The 2023 edition for the first time will have a Mixed Teams category.

There are no online qualifiers for the CFCFU Games – we believe that athletes will choose the right category for themselves so we will have a great competition between athletes of the same level from all over Greece and Europe.

There are three categories – RX, Intermediate, and Scaled – for both men and women and the new Mixed Teams category. For the mandatory skills check the list below. Teenagers from 16 years are allowed to join with the consent of their parents and coach.

The competition will take place indoors at our box in Dassia and outdoors on the sportsfield and beach in Ipsos. At least one workout will include open-water swimming. Also there might be trail running.


Choose the right category for yourself before registration – to have a great competition between athletes of the same level.

Category Mandatories

• Everything is possible and everything can be heavy!

• No Muscle-Up
• No Handstand Walk
• HSPU with Abmat
• Double Unders
• Pull Ups
• Clean 60/40
• Snatch 50/35

• No advanced skills
• No Double Unders
• Pull Ups assisted with a rubber band
• Single Unders
• Clean 35/25
• Snatch 30/20


Accommodation Information
We are happy to help athletes from abroad to find accommodation close to the venues. We have contacts to apartments, B&Bs, and hotels of different categories. To get the contact list, send an email to

Payment Information
The registration fee is 25€ for each individual athlete and 50€ for teams. The price includes a CFCFU Games 2023 shirt, prices for the podium winners, and some on-site extras.

Registration Period
Open: Monday, May, 1
Close: Friday, October, 6

Games Period
Start: Saturday, October, 14
Finish: Sunday, October, 15

Will the workouts be announced before the competition?
Yes, all workouts except the finals will be published October 7, 2023 – here and on Instagram and Facebook.

Will there be an athletes briefing on-site?
There will no general athletes briefing but the judges will explain the movement standards of each workout to their athlete. Additionally along with the workouts also the standards will be posted.

What time latest do I have to be at the venue to check-in?
We recommend to be there at least one hour before your first workout. Anyway, as long as you show up 10 minutes before your heat, you are good to go.
The heats for both days will be published the week before the competition, on Facebook and Instagram.

What if I’m unable to finish the competition?
You just don't finish it, that's it. Your results until the point of resigning though will count for the leaderboard.

What will the weather be like during the competition week?
The weather end of October in Corfu can be everything from rainy and stormy to full sunshine. The temperature normally is around 20-25°C. The competition takes place indoors and outdoors.

Will there be medical support?
For the swim workout a lifeguard will be present.

Will there be any food or water provided to the athletes?
Free water refill at the box (drinking water tap). Also some sponsors will provide free snacks.

Is there a discount for underage students?

To participate in the competition it requires full acceptance of the following regulations:

  1. Athletes competing should understand that they are moving in an open environment, exposed to particular weather conditions that will prevail on that particular day of the competition.
  2. Men and women of all ages up from 16 years are accepted.
  3. Valid participation is considered to be valid after it has been paid off financially.
  4. The maximum number of participants for the event is one hundred and fifty (150) people.
  5. The participation price of €25.00 per person (50€ per team) is mandatory for the reservation of the position for the individual division until the last day of the registrations.
  6. The event will take place from October, 14 2023 until October, 15 2023.
  7. Participants are obliged to fully comply with the regulations set by the organizer. They are also obliged to obey the suggestions of the individuals (eg. volunteers, reviewers) designated by the organizer. Failure to comply with the regulations or instructions will result in the exclusion penalty, with no refund or any other costs. Any person authorized by the event manager may record any infringement that he has perceived and report it to the event manager.
  8. Any marking of the space provided by the event manager is temporary, intended to serve the participants, and is removed after the event.
  9. Athletes are involved at their own risk and the organizing authority is not responsible for any injuries they may have, as stated in the statement of responsibility or here. However, qualified medical personnel will be available.
  10. Any participant who is diagnosed with respiratory disease will have to cancel his/her participation by sending the doctor's diagnosis to and then he/she is entitled to a refund.
  11. The event manager undertakes to supervise the field of play with specialized personnel in safety, and medical assistance to the participants in need. In cases where security personnel or judges indicate to athletes that the event must be stopped for safety reasons, the latter is obliged to obey. Non-compliance means exclusion, no refund, or any other costs.
  12. In case of need, the event manager reserves the right to postpone the start of the event in order not to endanger the physical integrity of the participants. In very extreme conditions he can cancel the event.
  13. Participant exclusion occurs for: a) Pollution of the site. b) Inappropriate behavior towards the organizing staff. c) Inappropriate behavior towards the spectators of the event. d) Non-compliance with these regulations.
  14. Εach participant responsibly declares that he has not contracted a respiratory infection at least two weeks before the starting day (October 14, 2023).
  15. The organizers are not responsible for the deaths, injuries, or any damage to the health of the participants who, upon submitting their request for participation, declare that they are aware of the risks involved including those allegedly attributed to the negligent acts or omissions of the foregoing that their health status is good and allows them to participate, and they have recently been examined by a doctor on this subject. However, no participant will be required to submit a medical certificate. They are obliged to perform regular medical checkups in order to check their health status. The event managers disclaim any responsibility for the physical integrity of the participants, who should behave responsibly throughout the whole competition. The organizers disclaim any financial responsibility in the event of outside assistance to any athlete.
  16. Participants consent to be featured in photographs or any other media from the event, which shall be used exclusively to promote the event.
  17. The organizers have the authority to modify the rules and regulations of the event, with no further notice.

There is NO refund Policy for this competition!




Corfu, Greece